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RadioNonsense.com Now Takes Requests!

May 16, 2005 In a radical departure from it's all-random format, the RadioNonsense.com web site is now taking requests. If you haven't heard a favorite song, artist, or album in a while, request it!

Here's how it works:

  1. Use the RadioNonsense.com web site to find a song, artist, or album that you're interested in. Go to the View Play Log page, which shows what's been recently played on RadioNonsense.com. The links on the left allow you to search by song, by artist, or by album. Click on the specific song, album, or artist and view the details page. There is a link on the left for creating a request. Click on the link, enter in your email address, and press OK.
  2. RadioNonsense.com requires that all requests are confirmed. You will receive an email with a confirmation URL. Either click on the URL or copied the URL into your browser. If successful, you will see a message at the top acknowledging the confirmation.
  3. The RadioNonsense.com player will now try and schedule your request!
  4. When your request starts to play, you'll get an email letting you know (in case you're not currently listening!).

Now sit back and wait...and temper your enthusiasm. The request is not played immediately, and might take some time before it is played.

First, the RadioNonsense.com player always has about 90 minutes of music scheduled. Unless by sheer coincidence your request has already been queued up, it's at least 90 minutes before your song gets played.

Second, our friends in the music industry (RIAA) don't want any one artist or song or album played too much. Rules built into the RadioNonsense.com player prevent a song from being overplayed. For example, if you requested a song from an artist that was played fifteen minutes ago, it could be hours before the artist is eligible to be played again.

Also, the RIAA doesn't want listeners to know when specific songs are going to be played in case you plan to record them (naughty listener!). To that end, only one out of every four songs can be a request. If there's a big backlog of requests, you might have to wait for quite song time....and I also don't want the format to become TOOOOO predictable.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to nonsense@radiononsense.com.

For More Information Contact:

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Send e-mail to nonsense [@at] radiononsense.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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